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“Contemptible Ray” Nagin Indicted

Contemptible Ray, the anti-gun mayor of New Orleans has been indicted on a host of charges. You remember Nagin, who confiscated legally owned weapons from New Orleans citizens in the wake of hurricane Katrina. Despite a court order to return the weapons, he and his police squad stored them in barrels and squatted on them […]

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L.A. Failure

A while back in a post about bad mayors (think Ray Nagin) we called out Antonio Villaraigosa for what he is - a failure.
So much promise, so much disappointment:
In preparing for this month’s cover story, an open letter to Antonio Villaraigosa, writer-at-large Ed Leibowitz spoke to a range of civic figures to plumb their […]

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Bad Behavior

If you tried to comment here and got a weird message about “Your Internet Protocol address is listed on a blacklist of addresses involved in malicious or illegal activity,” please disregard the message.
We were using a plug-in called “Bad Behavior” which was supposed to protect us from spam bots and the like. Well, apparently […]

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Nagin and New Orleans Make D.C. Look Like Mayberry

I am still wondering why this guy isn’t in jail despite having been found in contempt of court and deliberately withholding the firearms of New Orleans’ citizens.
About a year and a half has passed since Mayor Ray Nagin and other City of New Orleans officials illegally stripped legitimate gun owners of their second amendment rights […]

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Upgrading from Blogspot

Imagine having your own domain name for your weblog — you know, like or or — think of how much cooler that would be than But wait — there’s more — you also get custom eMail addresses such as or or and so on. Setting up and managing […]

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Why Isn’t Nagin in Jail?

Contemptible Ray Nagin, along with ex-Police chief of New Orleans Warren Riley, have been found in contempt of court in Louisiana for failing to provide disclosures to the discovery phase of legal action for illegal confiscation of firearms from legitimate gun owners after Hurricane Katrina. In a ruling by Judge Carl Barbier, the city […]

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The Contemptable Ray Nagin

The Mayor of New Orleans may find himself in contempt of court for his lack of cooperation in the case brought before the federal court that involved the City’s confiscation of firearms from legally-authorized citizens after Hurricane Katrina. Ray Nagin, who is perpetually stuck on stupid, will now at last, (we hope) finally get justice […]

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